Our Farm Raised IQF Frozen Mussels in Whole Shell comes directly from the cold waters of Chilean Patagonia. They are the perfect choice to bring the ocean flavor to your favorite preparations. Cook just what you need and reseal the bag!

Available Sizes: 454g (1LB)

Ingredients: Cooked Mussels (Mytilus Chilensis)

Cooking Directions: Cook from frozen. Add as many
mussels as you like into a saucepan and heat until defrost and full open. Keep frozen at -18ºC.

Product Certifications:

Mussels with tomatoes and garlic

This dish will transport
you straight to the
Mediterranean seaside.

Mussels with wheat beer and bacon

Wheat beer is used instead of white wine and bacon gives the dish a real smoky flavour. Serve with crusty bread as a starter or as a main meal.

Miso Musse

This miso mussels recipe is a quick, easy, healthy way to use mussels in a new, Asian – Inspired way.

Mussel Chowder

A delicious mussel
chowder to share with your Friends
and family!

Steamed Mussels with Cider, Spring Onion & Cream

Steaming fresh Mussels make the perfect
sharing bowl! flavored with sweet cider, herbs
and garlic

Mussels with White Wine Sauce & Parsley

Mussels are economic, sustainable,
healthy and surprisingly simple to cook. Prepare this
classic dish to surprise family and friends.

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