Our Farm Raised IQF Frozen Mussels in Whole Shell comes directly from the cold waters of Chilean Patagonia. They are the perfect choice to bring the ocean flavor to your favorite preparations. Cook just what you need and reseal the bag!

Available Sizes: 454g (1LB)

Ingredients: Cooked Mussels (Mytilus Chilensis)

Cooking Directions: Cook from frozen. Add as many
mussels as you like into a saucepan and heat until defrost and full open. Keep frozen at -18ºC.

Product Certifications:

Easy Seafood Noodles

Noodles and shellfish in spicy tomato sauce.

Thai mussels and linguine.

Thai-style whole shell mussels with linguine.

Classic Moules frites

Our delicious Whole Shell mussels in Butter Garlic served with Fries

Chicken and seafood Paella

Traditional Spanish dish. Seasoned rice with chicken and seafood.

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