Discover endless ways to enjoy your Mussels!

Creamy mussel chowder.

Fish, potato and creamy mussels.

Mussel and Chickpeas Spicy Soup

Creamy and spicy, chickpeas and mussel soup.

Pesto Mussels & Toast

Pesto Mussels, Baby Courgettes, Sweet tomatoes and peas.

Mussels with Guiness

Exquisite Mussels with Guinness, Shallot, Bacon & Double Cream

Simple Fish Stew

Prawns, monkfish and mussels in a simple fish stew for maximum flavour without any hassle. Just make sure to use the best quality ingredients you can – and don’t forget to serve with lots of crusty bread!

Spiced saffron and mussel soup

Seasonal mussels work wonders in this fragrant and lightly spiced soup. Perfect for a starter or light main, mop it all up with a hunk of crusty bread.

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